Mark Henninger - Digital Artist

Mark Henninger is a Philadelphia-based artist. His art uses interplays of color, light, math and movement to reveal new and unique patterns and shapes of the universe.

Born in New York City, Mark spent his childhood around the world in Africa and Europe. He returned to the United States to attend school and studied both traditional photography and computer graphics. In 1997 he founded the digital imaging firm Imagic Digital with his wife, Danya.

The visual art Mark creates is the result of his wealth of experience with a camera and the depth of his knowledge of graphics software and digital printing. He also composes original music as Dub King.

"Digital imaging represents the rebirth of creativity and originality in the visual arts. It allows me to follow my two great passions: producing images that truly represent scenes in our shared reality, and expressing inner visions in real media to introduce new imagery to the world.

"What I love about creating digital art is that the resolution available to me is just about infinite; the only limiting factors are time and patience. Because of this abundance of resolution, my prints go beyond representations of pixels – the ink patterns meld with the textures in the paper to create true paintings."